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Beast Boy and sexy Terra are on a romantic date in the park but she’s playing hard to get. Right as he thinks he’s about to get some she pulls her hand away and starts running. He’ll have to catch her if he wants to get some nookie from the blonde toon goddess. They run all over the park and do some damage along the way. He doesn’t care how many hot dog stands he has to destroy though; he wants to kiss that sweet young thing and maybe even have her play with his cock. It would be a dream come true! When he finally catches her they retreat to the car to hook up. They kiss passionately and they can both feel the warmth of intimate pleasure spread through their bodies. Just because he’s a nasty green superhero doesn’t mean she can’t love him and want him. He gropes her ass tight and the more he kneads her flesh the more aroused she gets. Eventually she can’t resist his cock any longer and she has to pull the green phallus from his pants. It’s throbbing when she finally wraps her hand around it.

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Raven and the beautiful blonde Terra are going to battle and this isn’t your typical battle between sexy toons. These girls are both drawn in the sexiest manner possible and when they grapple there’s a sexual undertone that will have your dick quivering with anticipation. Are they going to tear each other’s clothes off as they fight? Will they end up kissing or caressing each other instead of trying to kill? They happen to be fighting in a room filled with mud and muck so they both end up covered in the slippery, dirty stuff. What’s better than two toon sluts mud wrestling? Raven and Terra are surely the finest of the Teen Titans and they look awfully good as they both glisten from the wet dirt coating their bodies. At one point Terra is on her hands and knees totally ready to be fucked! It looks like Raven wins the right because Terra’s top is off by the end of the set. Her toon tits are super perky and her nipples totally need to be sucked. Maybe she’d let you lick the mud off of them for her.

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After all the difficulties that surrounded Terra, from her loyalty to the Teen Titans, to her secret allegiance to Slade, Terra’s a pretty messed up chick. You’d have to be if you were under the spell of Slade. No matter how hard she fights it, Slade’s got her under complete control. Here, Terra begins to show signs of disloyalty, talking back to him and even going as far as to hit him a bit before he takes her back over by choking her senseless. He goes one step above that, and strips her nude to punish her further. Slade puts her in her place by opening up her legs and sliding his thick fingers inside her tight asshole. What a sight to see this sexy blonde spread open and showing off her shaved snatch while he finger fucker her anus! His torture comes to a quick halt though once she slides her legs around him and starts to strangle him. After all, he’s taken the suit off of her bottom half, so she can control that portion of her body now!