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Who could resist peeking into Raven’s room at night when she’s sleeping? She’s so dark and mysterious that it’s hard to see her with her guard down, so this was the perfect way for Beast Boy to get to know her, and to get a quick jerk off from the sight of her in her bra and panties. Holy shit, he was scared as naked Raven was trying to think of every way to punish him! But when he whipped out a tube of lube, her thoughts changed from destruction to horniness, and out came the tits! Beast Boy nestled his cock right between her soft boobs as she ran her tongue around his swollen head. They were really about playing around with their sex, licking every inch of each other and having fun horseplay, stuffing Beast Boy’s face full of her snatch while rubbing and caressing his meaty member. It’s when she got on her back and started rubbing her feet up and down his swollen shaft that Beast Boy started to build up cum in his balls, and coated her with his sperm. Raven may have a visitor every night now!

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Beast Boy and sexy Terra are on a romantic date in the park but she’s playing hard to get. Right as he thinks he’s about to get some she pulls her hand away and starts running. He’ll have to catch her if he wants to get some nookie from the blonde toon goddess. They run all over the park and do some damage along the way. He doesn’t care how many hot dog stands he has to destroy though; he wants to kiss that sweet young thing and maybe even have her play with his cock. It would be a dream come true! When he finally catches her they retreat to the car to hook up. They kiss passionately and they can both feel the warmth of intimate pleasure spread through their bodies. Just because he’s a nasty green superhero doesn’t mean she can’t love him and want him. He gropes her ass tight and the more he kneads her flesh the more aroused she gets. Eventually she can’t resist his cock any longer and she has to pull the green phallus from his pants. It’s throbbing when she finally wraps her hand around it.

Hot Teen Titans Cartoon

Beast Boy is horny and he’s been stalking Jinx all night long. He’s working with Starfire and the two of them are going to kidnap this toon slut and have their way with her. They track her through the rain and when Starfire gives the word Beast Boy grabs her. He pulls her to a more private area and whips out his long and thick green cock and shoves it into her mouth. She pushes against his thighs to keep him from fucking her face but nothing is going to stop the Beast from getting what he wants from her hot mouth. Jinx has powers too and she fights back, eventually blasting Beast Boy off of her and sending him into the wall. Right at that moment Starfire comes to his rescue and kicks the slut right in the face, knocking her out and enabling them to get her right where they want her. Beast Boy is in front with his cock ready to plunge into her mouth and Starfire is behind sexy Jinx driving her fingers into the toon babe’s asshole and pussy. It’s a lusty cartoon threesome that should have you sporting major wood.

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Raven and Starfire are exhausted from fighting crime and they want a night of dancing to relax them. They like to have fun and they love dressing in their tightest, sluttiest outfits. Don’t they look good with all that skin exposed as they get in line for the club? Beast Boy would like to come with them but the ladies aren’t interested in what he has to offer tonight. Instead they want to party alone, to have some fun together and ignore the rest of the team. They manage to con their way into the club by showing their bodies and then it’s party time. Sexy Raven meets a horny young man and he invites her to a back room where he no doubt has plants to do something mean to her. Could you blame him? She walks around in that tiny outfit and her ass looks good enough to eat. Wouldn’t you want to fuck her? He thinks he’s going to tie her up and fuck her but he’s the one that ends up entangled in the ropes. Will she beat him up or will she let him fuck her tight toon pussy? You’ll have to visit the site to find out what happens.