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Something’s a little nuts at Titan Tower; Cyborg is chasing Starfire around with his cock hanging out, begging her to fuck him! Dejected, Cyborg shows up to fight Slade, only to see that Slade’s got a hold of every superhero babe in sight, all at the ready to bang him! They fight a bit, but Cyborg loses, obviously drained from not getting laid. Starfire feels bad for him, and decides to wake him up a bit by stroking and sucking on his cock. And holy shit, that starts something crazy in the superhero world! Slade’s girlfriend shows up to bitch him out while Bumblebee’s blowing him. She goes to run away, but comes face to dick with Cyborg’s massive schlong and shows Slade that she has a taste for the dark meat as well. She opens up her tight snatch for him, and once he cums, guess who has a new girlfriend! Slade has a good laugh about that, but the sex isn’t even over! Batman’s getting a hummer from Wonder Woman, and when Superman tries to save things, babes team up on him until he coats the town with his jizz. Gross, Superman!

Teen Titans Porn Cartoon

Slade has always proven himself to be a master manipulator. He’s always finding new ways to try and entice a Teen Titan member to join him. In this case, he’s trying to convince Raven to embrace her evil roots, telling her all about her destiny and fate, and how he has a message for her from her dad. Hot Raven tries hard to resist; first with words, and then in battle. Slade’s always a formidable opponent, but Raven has many tricks up her sleeves, even when she’s not wearing any. In this case though, Slade is a little too strong, and a little too quick for Raven, and even though she puts up a valiant effort, Slade is able to thwart her attack. He doesn’t defeat her by killing her, or by getting her to join him, however. Instead, in battle, he strips her bare to reveal her beautiful body, and then stands her up to give her a message from him; or more specifically, his swollen cock, rigid from the sight of her nude beauty!

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After all the difficulties that surrounded Terra, from her loyalty to the Teen Titans, to her secret allegiance to Slade, Terra’s a pretty messed up chick. You’d have to be if you were under the spell of Slade. No matter how hard she fights it, Slade’s got her under complete control. Here, Terra begins to show signs of disloyalty, talking back to him and even going as far as to hit him a bit before he takes her back over by choking her senseless. He goes one step above that, and strips her nude to punish her further. Slade puts her in her place by opening up her legs and sliding his thick fingers inside her tight asshole. What a sight to see this sexy blonde spread open and showing off her shaved snatch while he finger fucker her anus! His torture comes to a quick halt though once she slides her legs around him and starts to strangle him. After all, he’s taken the suit off of her bottom half, so she can control that portion of her body now!