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March 21, 2009 at 11:09 am | Cartoon Porn
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Hot Teen Titans Toons

Beast Boy and sexy Terra are on a romantic date in the park but she’s playing hard to get. Right as he thinks he’s about to get some she pulls her hand away and starts running. He’ll have to catch her if he wants to get some nookie from the blonde toon goddess. They run all over the park and do some damage along the way. He doesn’t care how many hot dog stands he has to destroy though; he wants to kiss that sweet young thing and maybe even have her play with his cock. It would be a dream come true! When he finally catches her they retreat to the car to hook up. They kiss passionately and they can both feel the warmth of intimate pleasure spread through their bodies. Just because he’s a nasty green superhero doesn’t mean she can’t love him and want him. He gropes her ass tight and the more he kneads her flesh the more aroused she gets. Eventually she can’t resist his cock any longer and she has to pull the green phallus from his pants. It’s throbbing when she finally wraps her hand around it.

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